About Us

The leader in advanced market predictive trading solutions.

There is nothing more powerful than a glimpse into the future.

Theory on Markets

There are a lot of theories on how markets work, and we believe most of them to be flawed.  Here are a few important thing to remember:

Traditional firms have very little incentive to actively seek better returns or to adjust your portfolio on a regular basis as market volatility and risk surge in one direction or another.

Those who say active management doesn’t work have not met too many professional traders.

The highest returns in the market are typically made by floor traders who make hundreds of small trades each day that add up to substantial returns at the end of the month and at the end of the year. Seasoned day traders and swing traders can also make substantially higher returns than the average buy, hold, and pray investor.  But you have to realize that this is a lot of work and the traditional broker or investment advisor just doesn’t have this much time to spend on improving returns.  If you want these kinds of returns you will likely need to do the work yourself.

Large mutual fund companies also realize that they cannot be as nimble, and so their investment models require that they take a longer-term horizon with very little portfolio adjustment on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. The more money they have under management the less nimble they become. 

Our goal is not to beat the return of the broad market or some index. If the market loses 40% and we only lose 30% we still haven’t made any money. Our goal is to make money consistently, every month, every year. And yes, our return on invested capital should be substantially higher than the market because we are putting the work into earning those higher returns.

Those who say active management doesn’t work have not met too many professional traders.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is the democratization of access to the world’s best trading tools and systems.

Our mission is the development of an ecosystem that allows motivated individuals the opportunity to learn how markets work and empowers them with the tools and support to build wealth that provides freedom to better serve family and the world.

The Trading Ecosystem

The Trade Oracle Group believes there are three critical components in building wealth as a trader or investor.  The first is education.  You cannot do well what you don’t know or understand.  We believe education comes from reading as much as you can on the markets and trading, studying under the direction of expert traders who can share the practical things that are needed to lose less and earn more.   The second is the development of a focused strategy for trading.  This means matching your trading style and account size to the market and sector that is appropriate.  It also means determining what time frames are best for your risk tolerance and your lifestyle. Lastly, you need a money management plan.  Your money management plan will keep you accountable on a daily basis, and will detail your trading size and style so that there is never guesswork or exceptional risk.