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Introducing: The Incredible Predictive Power of FLOW 

The Leader in Advanced Market Predictive Technology 

The FLOW software is wholly unique in that it brings together a multitude of stochastic, oscillator, parabolic, fractal, and geometric market analytics into an easy to view picture of the direction where the market are likely headed. We will show you the simple methods for identifying the best trades us FLOW, and how FLOW can help you decide how much to invest into each trade and what type of exit strategy should be used.  Once you get the basics you will definitely be in the FLOW.  We will caution you that FLOW is addictive.  Once you trade with it you will never go back.

Richard Lackey has been a professional trader, hedge fund manager, arbitrageur, author and trainer for thirty years.  As a leader in the development of machine learning and AI trading systems, he has held the FLOW technology close to the vest for two decades.  His global market work and trading success allowed him to build the Global Food Exchange, the World Food Bank and the Mediae Group which is lifting more than 1.6 M people out of poverty every year.  Not being able to take advantage of the FLOW technology on a daily basis, he launched the Trade Oracle Group to allow a new generation of traders to find success.

Meet the Founder, Richard Lackey

“Being a great trader just got a whole lot easier. Welcome to the Trade Oracle Group.”

How we do it.

At TOG we know that most anyone can become a great trader if they have the proper training, the proper tools, and the proper discipline.   We believe in teaching the background of markets and how to use Fundamental Analysis so that you can draw on that knowledge as you continue to progress.  Understanding Fundamental Analysis helps us to create our bigger picture strategy while Technical Analysis gives us the precision to execute the tactical side of our trading.

In TOG Courses as well as in our daily Trade Mastery work, TOG gives you the education needed to develop the skills of a professional trader.  In addition to technical skills, TOG is offering access to our proprietary FLOW technology.  We believe FLOW is the most powerful predictive tool on the planet.  We don’t know how others trade without this advantage and we feel bad for those competing in the market without it.

Finally, we spend time in our training, and daily in our trading, helping our members manage their trading plan and instill patterns of discipline to reduce risk and maximize profits.  It’s not complicated but it is much easier with great tools and a family of experts supporting you.  


“To watch the FLOW software show you where the market is going in advance and then to watch it happen continually amazes me.”

-Justin Culver

“I trade with a lot more confidence now that I use FLOW. It has taught me patience on entry and exit and I don’t have any of the anxiety that I used to have trading.”

-Brian Fitzgerald

“I was part of the original development team and remember crashing servers from all of the data that is used to create FLOW! It is so dynamic that we haven’t changed a thing in 20 years and the results are still incredible.”

-Scott Thompson